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You know not to share the air these days, and keep yourself in the sweet spot between mask + distance + ventilation. What else, and for how long?

  • “Pay to prevail.” Not my phrase, and it really refers to combining an economic response with COVID control measures. But it’s a lot better than “lockdown” and for me, it also includes the sacrifices we need to pay now to help our communities, those most vulnerable to COVID, and our health workers on the front lines.

  • Be careful in your non-COVID life: this is not the time to need a hospital because of a car crash or rollerskating accident.

  • The target time frame is: until our health care workers are not overwhelmed, until we have a steady supply of COVID treatment, and until a safe and effective vaccine is available. How long is that? It’s not forever, but it’s also not immediate. There is no pulling back from the surge that is underway, even if all COVID transmission miraculously stops on a dime tomorrow (it won’t). Plan on the current situation to remain bad and likely get worse by the close of 2020, with some relief possible early in 2021. A good start would be getting mentally prepared for 3 months, and reassess then.

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